Here you can find resources for addictions like social media and pornography. We leave you a platform to stop being an addict of pornography, social media and another unhealthy things you may be addicted to. Addictions are something we don’t have to embarrased of, but it is something we have to admit and face it […]


Mentoring is a way to help people, and it can help all people. For example, it can help you if you don’t know what you are going to study, what the accurate study can look like and how to make the best use of your time. It is a good way to see your preferences […]


Have you ever thought that we might be addicted to social media? Do you want to use the social media in a wise way that might help you to grow? Take a look at this video, where Leslie Coutterand tells her testimony and give some tips to use our social media in a way that […]

How to Help All Students Feel Safe to Be Themselves

Here you will find an article that gives some tips for the teachers in order to help their students to be self- confident. Nowadays, most of students are experimenting threats to their social identity, and teachers have the responsibility to help them in the way they can. Take a look at the article to learn […]

Optimal work

Briefly Optimal work is a work and study technique to help you focus on your work and get the most of it while keeping it meaningful and even fun. We explain the details in the next section, but briefly the idea is to divide the work time into blocks of 45-60 minutes. Each block is […]

Are we killing creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson is one of the most famous TedTalk speakers. He was a teacher for several years and developed during his hall life to improve education all around the world. His principal point of view is that we are not helping kids to become what they were born for, and he talks about how […]