In these times of pandemic our world with all its educational and social interactions has shifted online. This has taken most of us by surprise and made it difficult to prioritize, focus, or even organize our daily lives. Suddenly, many ordinary things, such as studying, concentrating, alternating between work and leisure, or taking care of one’s own well-being, have become clearly more challenging than before. To meet this challenge, IYC has developed this platform to help young people invest in personal development and well-being, especially during the pandemic.


The idea of ​​this website is that you learn to improve your well-being, your study skills and other areas of your life, and at the same time you get to share ideas with others. We also developed a project in which by creating a video or publishing a post on social media, you could share the challenges you have faced during these times and how you have overcome them. Students from different schools participated and they got to show and express how they have felt during these hard times. 


It is a fact that everyone’s life has changed with the pandemic, and loneliness is something we should be aware of, despite all the technologies we have. But we will not leave you alone. We offer mentoring to anyone who wishes. Our mentors are volunteers who help you with the daily challenges of life. They can specifically help you to create good study habits, learn how to use your time wisely, and to develop your friendships. If you don’t need a mentor, but you just want to learn how to get more focused on your studies, or how to improve your social skills, or even know what to do in your leisure time, you should check our materials on the website. 

Also if you are a teacher and you are worried about the educational situation we are facing nowadays, you should know that here you can find support and some advice to help your students to make the most of them. 


Get on board and start investing in your future with us!