Here you will find some videos that youth people made in order to show the challenges they had to face during this times!



In these times of pandemic our world, with all its educational and social interactions, has shifted online. This has taken most of us by surprise and made it difficult to prioritize, focus, or even organize our daily lives. Suddenly, many ordinary things, such as studying, concentrating, alternating between work and leisure, or taking care of one’s own well-being, have become clearly more challenging than before. To meet this challenge, IYC has developed this platform to help young people invest in personal development and well-being, especially during the pandemic.

The idea of ​​this website is that you learn to improve your well-being, your study skills and other areas of your life, and at the same time you get to share ideas with others. By creating a video or publishing a post on social media, you can share the challenges you have faced during these times and how you have overcome them. If you wish, we can help you create the video, and we will also share the results on our own page.

We will not leave you alone during the program, but will offer mentoring twice a month to anyone who wishes so. Our mentors are volunteers who help you cope with the daily challenges of life with the pandemic. They can specifically help you to create good study habits, learn how to use your time wisely, and to develop your friendships.

Even before joining the program, you can seek inspiration from our material bank, where in addition to videos, we collect articles, apps, books and films related to the themes. We also meet to discuss these ideas a few times a month on Discord with anyone interested.

Send your video to with your name and the name of the others participants.

Get on board and start investing in your future with us!




In order for us to stay energetic and take care of our well-being, we must make sure that our daily routines and habits are healthy and good for us. Even though getting out of the bed and staying active can feel difficult some days, they are things that we must do. Get out of bed early, eat well, hydrate yourself, go outside and socialize.




Using our time productively and wisely saves us a lot of time and other resources. It often leads to better results and also improves our well-being. Having good time management skills isn’t easy for everyone, but that’s why we offer some information and tips on this topic in these videos. Good time management skills are useful to anyone, from students to teachers or even if you don’t have a busy life going on at the moment.





Especially in distance learning it can be difficult to manage your own studies and keep up the good work without constant help from a teacher. Good study skills are very important for getting the best possible results and keeping a good balance in life at the same time. In this video Jyri Soria, who is currently studying for a PhD in economics, shares some useful studying techniques and tips with us.




The coronavirus pandemic has made online school and distance learning a big part of people’s lives. This big change in learning and studying has been difficult especially for a big part of the youth, so here are some tips for making the most out of it.








Having enough motivation when trying to achieve anything is very crucial. However, losing motivation can happen easily due to a million different reasons. For those moments, or even for moments when you do have motivation but you just need to keep it up, this video is a good reminder and help.





To take care of our own well-being and keep a healthy balance in life, it’s also very important to have a social life and a circle of people for support. In this video IYC’s volunteer Ammar tells us about his own social circle and the importance of having social contacts.