In everyday life, an important measure of whether or not we are being efficient is our ability to develop habits that help us undertake tasks in the best possible way. The importance of habits is also shown in how they help us plan and prepare for a better future. Habits do not appear overnight, they […]


In the same way, the internet and professional social networks help you greatly increase the chances of meeting people related to your profession (or future profession). Making yourself known in the right networks can be key to helping you discover your dream job. Do not miss the opportunity!  Here you will learn about the importance […]


Exercise improves our well-being in every way. When we are physically active, we are also benefitting our mental health as exercise increases the amount of serotonin and endorphins, the hormones and neurotransmitters that promote positive feelings in the brain. Sometimes the hardest thing can be to turn off Netflix and get up off the couch […]


The danger of multitasking or not clearly separating study from rest (family life, exercise, friends, hobbies, etc.) can be detrimental to our efficiency as well as to our physical and mental well-being. On the other hand, we can learn how to make the distance learning experience efficient and even enjoyable through a variety of different […]


Waking up on time may sound easy, but how difficult it can actually be! However, good morning routines and waking up on time bring numerous benefits throughout the day. It helps you to organise your day more efficiently and gives you the experience of victory from the very get-go. It’s the little things that can […]


Distance learning is a real challenge for many of us. It’s enough that the pandemic is already causing our concentration skills and patience to be at their very limits, but now distance learning demands an extra special effort from us. Do you have any ideas on how to make learning online a bit easier by […]


There are numerous benefits to having a schedule. For example, on most devices, you can sync all your schedules to one calendar and thereby plan your time in advance. You can also set reminders about when lessons begin, when to study each subject, and when the exams are coming up. These time management tools can […]


Study skills are strategies, habits and routines that facilitate the process of learning, and result in improved academic performance. Good study skills help to create and maintain motivation and learning even on days when you don’t feel like studying and are not inspired.  Watch the tips in the videos and add yours!